Welcome to Walberton Nursery

David Tristram began Walberton Nursery in 1973, and was joined by former General Manager Tim Crowther in 1974. They adapted a tomato nursery with a ⅓ of a hectare of glass on a 2 ½ hectare site, for growing garden plants.

In 1972 the Nursery had been a founding member of a small cooperative that has now grown to be The Farplants Group, the UK’s leading supplier of container grown plants to garden centres.

Whilst still a family run business, in which David Tristram has been joined by his son Mike, Walberton Nursery now employs up to 70 people in peak season and together with its rented sites of The Haven and Strathmore, has grown to over 13 hectares.

Walberton now grows over 400 varieties in greenhouses, cloches, polytunnels, laboratories and open growing areas and sells over one million plants a year.

If you’re interested in buying any of our plants, please contact The Farplants Group.